Take Control Weight Management

Why is losing weight so hard?

By Dr. Carlton Pearse

bariatric surgery while another will lose very little or lose temporarily and regain the weight very quickly. We don’t yet completely understand the variation in response to treatment, but it is clear that there is no “one size fits all” for weight management.  But, the good news is that we do now have a number of effective treatment options and most people can lose significant weight (at least 5% of starting weight) and keep it off if they are persistent and truly change some aspects of their lives.   

We at Take Control Weight Management will work with you to try to identify the factors leading to your weight gain as well as the individual health issues you have and to develop and implement an individualized program to help you lose your weight and keep it off.  This is a “team effort” with our role to educate, encourage and provide you the resources to achieve your goals.  If you are serious about losing weight, we feel confident that we can help you get there.  Dr. Pearse is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and we can refer you to nutritionists and other specialists if necessary.

We will do our best to get insurance payment for these services, but in some cases there will be some out of pocket expense for you.  In the end, as you lose weight and begin to feel and look better, we feel the effort and cost will be absolutely worth it for you.  If you already have a primary care physician, we will be in contact and work with him/her.

Call 314-576-0930 if you have additional questions or if you want to begin the program. 


There’s no question about it, we are getting heavier in this country.  Two-thirds of Americans are currently overweight and one-third are obese.  We don’t want to be overweight and know that, in time, this can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and ultimately heart disease and stroke that are among the leading killers of Americans.  

Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?  Why do we all struggle so much with this issue?  Why do all the diets and exercise programs seem to fail in the end?

After decades of ignoring the issue, medical research is finally addressing these issues and now has some answers.  It turns out that many factors are responsible for the current epidemic of obesity—there is no one simple answer for everyone, this is a complex problem and each of us is different to some degree.  

One of the main factors was decided at your conception:  your genetics.  One study estimates that 77% of obesity is inherited and less than 25% is due to lifestyle factors of diet and exercise.  Other experts disagree somewhat, but the indisputable truth is that genetics plays a major role in determining how much fat a person’s body wants to store.

If obesity is defined as excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to overall health, there are over 50 medically described “varieties” of obesity with somewhat different causes and characteristics.  This means different people respond differently to particular treatments aimed at helping them lose weight; one person will lose a substantial amount using a given medication or with