About our Practice

Women's Health Care Inc. provides comprehensive care for all the stages of your life from the first gynecology exam, through pregnancy, to menopause and beyond.

Our dynamic group has a rich history of nearly 50 years of practice, a team of physicians that completed post-graduate training locally, and a balanced, friendly approach.


Hospital Affiliations

  • St. Luke's Hospital
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center


Women's Health Care Inc. was founded nearly 50 years ago by Dr. Theodore M. Meiners as a solo practice. Today it has grown to a group practice with five physicians, a nurse practitioner and a board-certified nurse-midwife. The foundation of the practice remains the same, a focus on the patient.

Merging this rich history with a blend of balanced physicians provides a new patient experience. Our group consists of established and new physicians, bringing experience and new knowledge to the care of our patients.

After Dr. Meiners' retirement, Dr. Pearse carried on the tradition of a personal approach to patient care, and Dr. Durer joined the group. Applying an unwavering philosophy of respect and professionalism toward the patient, Dr. Durer won the hearts of his patients.

As it grew, our first female physician joined the practice. Dr. Voegtle brought a woman's perspective, which is so important to the group. She initiated new approaches and refined office policies and performance quality. Her personal experience with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding make Dr. Voegtle an excellent resource for her patients.

After Dr. Morgan completed her post-graduate training, she joined the practice. Her care style works well with young patients and sensitive issues that puts patients at ease. And her contagious enthusiasm has brought a fresh energy to the group.

Following her post-graduate training at Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Schaecher became a part of the Women's Health Care team. Her own personal experience with pregnancy, childbirth and parenting gives her a shared bond and great empathy for her patients.

Dynamic, highly skilled physicians along with our caring office staff ensure that a compassionate approach is integral to our practice at Women's Health Care as we continue to honor our foundation and focus on you, the patient.